Call for Submissions

When we usually talk about music education, we talk of students piling into classrooms for band, choir, or orchestra, teachers working on lesson plans, and parents working hard to advocate for music in their schools. However, outside of our brick and mortar schools, there are teachers who are sharing their knowledge and passion for music with students of all ages.

For our next issue of Leading Notes, we want to explore the ways in which people learn music outside of the formalized classroom. Our hope is that by examining these pedagogies, we can try to find new ideas for inside the classroom.

How Can I Submit?

We are looking for community groups, private lesson teachers, garage bands, and anywhere else where music is being taught. If you or somebody you know is doing great work in these areas, please send us an email and we’ll go from there.

Please email our co-editors, Justine Dolorfino and Nick Jaworski, with information about what you’re interested in writing about or, if you’re extra-ambitious, a draft you’ve already completed that you think would work well with this issue topic. We’ll make sure you and your article are in good hands.

Why you should consider publishing in Leading Notes:

  • New ideas, new media: Our first issue has been accessed thousands of times. We believe that providing this content online, without being hidden behind a traditional paywall (like more “traditional” academic journals) is the best way to have an impact on our profession.
  • Web traffic: By affiliating your work with Leading Notes, you are in a position to direct readers to your other interets. You can include links, email, Twitter feeds, documents, or whatever else you can think of to engage readers with your ideas.
  • Support from Leading Notes staff: We feel very strongly about getting the word out. When you publish in Leading Notes, we will tweet, blog, post on Facebook, and email your efforts to anybody who will listen.
  • Join the chorus and be a part of something new: Leading Notes was founded on the idea that people from all parts of our profession have important things to say. By adding your voice to an issue of Leading Notes, you are helping to provide a broad perspective on the field of music education – an invaluable contribution to our profession.

About Leading Notes:

Leading Notes, founded in December 2010, is a new music education magazine that seeks to maintain an online space for discussion about the intersection of philosophy and practice. It attempts to supplement the already well-established music education online community by providing a platform for persons associated with the field to share their thoughts about teaching music in the 21st century. Our hope is that through making this content available, discussions about important topics in music education can be better facilitated. We are interested in keeping an open mind and are open to receiving submissions from students of all ages, current and retired professors, composers, performers, and anyone in between. For more information, visit our About page.